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Biankini Besiesta Beach

Address: Near Kalia
Telephone: 02-9400266
Suitable for: families, couples, groups
Wheelchair accessible: Access to beach and restrooms
Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM
Admission: Entrance fee
At the northern part of the Dead Sea, just south of the new Kalia beach, is the Biankini Besiesta beach. The beach, which some say remind them of the Sinai beaches, offers lawns and trees, huts and tents (no need to reserve a camping spot in advance), and even cabins for rent and a taste of Morocco. You'll find freshwater pools for children to play in and natural mud pool. A wood bridge leads directly and conveniently into the sea. Biankini Beach also features a Moroccan-style restaurant and a shop selling items imported from Morocco.