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Herods Restaurant

Style: Breakfast, fish, meat
Kosher: No
Open Saturday: Yes
Prices: Medium
Address: Ein Bokek boardwalk, Dead Sea
Herods Restaurant at the Dead Sea features a variety of meals, including steaks, skewers, grilled fish and special salads, sandwiches with omelets and sausage, custom-made sandwiches with chicken cutlets and sausage, popsicles and iced drinks, coffee and tea.
Seating is available in an outdoor, enclosed bar on the beach, chilled with cool water mist. The varied menu includes grilled meat, fish, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, coffee and tea. Beer is available from all over the world – Spain, England and the Czech Republic, and boutique beers from the barrel. Homemade salads and other delicacies. We look forward to hosting you among our many guests.
Additional information:
  • Business lunches, romantic meals and take-away meals are available. Event can be held at the restaurant
  • The restaurant is child-friendly
  • Smoking area and free parking
  • Open Sunday-Saturday, 8:30 AM until 10 PM
Details and reservations: