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Ranch House Restaurant

Style: Bar restaurant, American-style, meat, on the beach
Kosher: Yes, rabbinical supervision
Open Saturday: No
Prices: High
Address: Isrotel Hotel, Ein Bokek, Dead Sea
Overlooking the breathtaking landscapes that only nature can create, at the lowest place in the world, is the gourmet Ranch House restaurant. Its interior design is inspired by American restaurants and it specializes in mini, quality cuts of meat. The restaurant features a menu of excellent meat, served by weight, with side dishes, salads and mouthwatering desserts.
Additional information:
  • The open kitchen enables guests to enjoy a culinary experience from the moment they order, as they wait for their meals to arrive. Seating is available on the balcony to enjoy a natural atmosphere with the sound of the waterfall in the background.
  • Open Sun-Thurs, 7-11 PM, Saturday, half hour after nightfall until 11 PM
Details and reservations