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Skydiving at the Dead Sea and Masada

Address: Bar Yehuda at the foot of Masada, approximately 10 minutes south of the Ein Bokek hotels
Telephone: 1-700-5040-31, 053-9369476
Suitable for: couples, individuals, children over 12
Hours: Friday-Saturday and holidays, from sunrise to sunset, by reservation only
Skydiving over the Dead Sea is a thrilling, extreme activity above the clouds. Jump off of a plane flying at 8000 feet while the glorious Dead Sea and Masada landscapes are spread before your eyes, far below. At the skydiving club, you'll see the view from takeoff until you land safely after skydiving.
Skydiving safety:
  • The guides at the skydiving club enforce the highest and most rigid safety standards.
  • For information about restriction and other terms and conditions, call 1-700-5040-31
At the landing strip, you'll find a Bedouin tent, restrooms, parking, and of course – skydiving over Masada and the Dead Sea.