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Taj Mahal Restaurant

Style: Mediterranean
Kosher: No
Open Saturday: Yes
Prices: Medium
Address: Leonardo Inn Hotel, Ein Bokek, Dead Sea
At the lowest place on earth, you'll find the highest levels of energy. Taj Mahal offers a unique experience that combines east and west. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Dead Sea and majestic mountains, and an enchanting oriental atmosphere.
A chilled Bedouin tent (kept cool with water coolers), designed with Moroccan-style ornamentation and featuring comfortable sitting areas with high mattresses. Taj Mahal is the perfect locations for events of any kind (up to 200 guests). Taj Mahal invites you to enjoy oriental music, dancing, a diverse menu, every type of beverage, and a belly dancer and drumming circle, the highlights of every event!
At Taj Mahal, guests will enjoy the best of oriental cooking, including mixed grilled meat, pita bread baked on the saaj and served with olive oil and labaneh cheese, oriental-style salads and more.
Additional information:
  • Belly dancing performances on Friday nights and holiday eves
  • Event can be held for up to 300 guests in the tent: weddings, henna celebrations, bar-mitzvahs, birthdays and more
  • Live broadcasts of sports channels on giant screens
  • Romantic atmosphere suitable for couples and families.
Details and reservations: