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The Monastery of Martyrius

Address: Maale Adumim

Telephone: 054-4924976

Admission: Free. Prior reservation required
Martyrius was a monk from the Byzantine era who built a monastery in the Judean Desert, which is now located at the heart of a residential neighborhood in Maale Adumim. The Monastery of Martyrius is open only for visitors who schedule visits in advance, and for special tours organized by the Nature and Parks Authority.
The monastery is located on a square plot of land with multiple archeological ruins, including stables, a church, Capella, dining room, water cistern, bathhouse, inn for pilgrims to the monastery and more. You can also light a candle in the monastery as well. Tours of the Monastery of Martyrius reveal a partially intact mosaic floor. The size of the complex is approximately 10 dunams and was excavated by archeologists during the 1980s.