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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea tourism portal: hotels, attractions, restaurants, events, and everything you'll need to know to plan the perfect vacation at the Dead Sea

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    Find all of the attractions at the lowest place on earth: activities for children, romantic evenings, family attractions and more.
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    Discover the beauty of nature, the fascinating stories and ancient landscapes at the enthralling sites near the Dead Sea
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    Join one of the breathtaking tours of the Dead Sea area - climb the Masada, meet wild animales, take a Jeep to the desert

The Dead Sea has captured the imagination of Israelis and tourists alike.

The combination of ancient landscapes, mountains, cliffs, and the shining blue waters of the Dead Sea which has officially been declared the lowest place on earth, transforms this region into one that enthralls and evokes a sense of pride in every visitor.
In recent years, the Dead Sea has become an international tourism landmark. As a leading candidate for one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and known for its unique healing powers, the Dead Sea attracts tourists from all over the world who seek physical and emotional healing combined with a relaxing vacation.

The touristic options now available at the Dead Sea can compete with any other location in Israel – ranging from luxury hotels to hostels and guest houses; gourmet restaurants to fast food; adrenaline-packed attractions to spa package-deals and romantic getaways. The selection of activities, sites and opportunities in the Dead Sea region increases each year and this website will help you navigate them all. We hope that you will use this website as a source of information on everything that you want to know while planning your trip to the Dead Sea, whether you will be staying for several days or taking your family on a day trip and are looking for great hikes and trails.

This website offers a wealth of information about hotels, attractions, events, sites, trails, and spa and recreation package deals for individuals or families. You'll also find recommendations for day trips and exciting activities for companies, groups and organizations and soon also can download the bitemojo app. We provide information about planning a private event at the Dead Sea, event halls for rent, and a detailed explanation on planning unforgettable bar-mitzvah celebrations at Masada that will leave a lifelong impression on the bar-mitzvah boy and his entire family.

This Dead Sea tourism portal was prepared just for you. Whether you're traveling as a couple, a family or a group, we'll be happy to answer any question that you have, make recommendations and provide accurate, reliable information while you plan your visit to one of the most captivating, unique places in the world.