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3 Star hotels at the Dead Sea - the complete list

Looking for agreat deal at a three-star hotel at the Dead Sea?Here you'll find a list of suitable optionsat the northern or southern parts of the Dead Sea. Filter by location and facilities available at the hotel and compare prices and discounts. Select the hotel that appeals to you the most and click to get the best prices, all free of handling and cancellation fees!
  • Ein Gedi Hotel

    The EinGedi Hotel is conveniently located just a five-minute drive from the Dead Sea. The hotel rooms are situated among blooming botanical gardens and offer lovely views of the nearby streams, hills, the desert and lake.
  • Leonardo Inn Hotel

    The Leonardo Inn at the Dead Sea is located among the EinBokek hotels, and the closest private beach is only a few minutes' walk away. The hotel is located near the EinBokek shopping center which offers a selection of shops and restaurants.
  • Kibbutz Kalia Hotel

    The Kibbutz Kalia Hotel is located in the desert, 7 kilometers from the Dead Sea. It is surrounded by greenery and gardens and features an outdoor pool.
  • kibbutz Almog Hotel

    The Kibbutz Almog Hotel is located in a tranquil kibbutz only10 minutes from the Dead Sea and 35 kilometers from Jerusalem. The hotel features comfortable rooms with a peaceful kibbutz atmosphere, overlooking the mountains and the desert.
  • Smadar Bamidbar Hotel

    The SmadarBamidbar Dead Sea vacation village is located in VeredYericho, 4 kilometers from Jericho, and is a peaceful and serene desert oasis.