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Southern Dead Sea Restaurants

  • Sato Bistro Restaurant

    Kosher restaurant featuring a unique fusion menu with the highest quality Asian food, complete with a sushi bar and European-style dishes
  • Herods Restaurant

    Herods Restaurant at the Dead Sea offers a selection of meals ranging from steak and skewers to grilled fish and special salads. The menu features a choice of sandwiches with omelets, sausages or chicken cutlets, as well as popsicles, iced drinks, tea and coffee. 
  • Ranch House Restaurant

    At the lowest place in the world, you'll find the gourmet Ranch House restaurant which offers its guests a selection of the highest quality cuts of meat served by weight, with side dishes, salads and excellent desserts.
  • Taj Mahal Restaurant

    At the lowest place on the earth, lies a restaurant with the highest energy levels around. Taj Mahal features unique hospitality that combines east and west. Enjoy the glorious Dead Sea and breathtaking mountain landscapes, in a charming oriental-style atmosphere
  • More Restaurants

    For your convenience, we have compiled a list of all eateries, taverns and cafés in the southern Dead Sea region to make your vacation even more enjoyable.
The southern Dead Sea region offers more touristic options than the northern region, including a larger selection of restaurants, eateries and cafés.  There are three primary locations where visitors can find restaurants and meal options in the southern Dead Sea region – EinGedi and Masada, EinBokek, and Neve Zohar. EinBokek offers the largest selection, alongside the majority of the Dead Sea hotels. The most highly-recommended restaurants in the region are Sato Bistro, Ranch House and Taj Mahal.