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Attractions for Children at the Dead Sea

  • Biankini Besiesta Beach

    At the northern part of the Dead Sea, just south of the new Kalia beach, is the BiankiniBesiesta beach. The beach, which some say remind them of the Sinai beaches, offers lawns and trees, huts and tents.
  • Mineral Beach

    The beach will be closed for renovations from January 1, 2015 until further notice.
  • Fantasy Island

    This innovative fantasy world offers a unique thrill for visitors to the area. Experience a movie full of special effects and cutting-edge technology, and visit the Fear Factory for a terrifying and gripping adventure.
  • Canaan Tours at the Dead Sea

    Canaan Tours offers a variety of attractions in the Judean Desert: Jeep rides, ATV rides, rappelling and more.
  • Kalia Horse Ranch

    Overlooking the breathtaking landscapes of the Dead Sea Valley, opposite the Edom and Moab mountains, you'll find the Kalia Horse Ranch.
  • Masada Attractions and Visitors Center

    Masada jeep rides include stops at observation points so that visitors can absorb the spirit of the desert and take in the breathtaking landscapes. Parts of the route are steep and others are more level.
  • Dragot Cliffs – Center for Desert Tourism

    The Center for Desert Tourism offers courses on rappelling from different types of cliffs, fun days for groups, workshops for managers, jeep rides and more.
  • Ein Gedi Mini Golf

    The mini golf court is located at the EinGedi guest house, near the swimming pool. The court's 17 holes await visiting children and their parents.
  • Camel Rides in the Judean Desert

    Camel rides in the Judean Desert guided by local Bedouins take visitors at KfarHanokdim on rides through the desert on donkeys and camels.