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Masada National Park

Address: Dead Sea Valley
Hours: April – September: 8 AM until 5 PM; October-March: 8 AM until 4 PM; Fridays and holiday eves: 8 AM until 3 PM. (Ticket office closes one hour before noted closing time)
Telephone: 08-9959333
Admission: See price list
Wheelchair accessible: yes
At the site: restrooms, cafeteria, restaurant, parking
Masada is located at the eastern edge of the Judean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea. Masada is an ancient fortress at the top of an isolated stone cliff – Herod's royal fortress and the final stronghold of the Jewish rebels during the great revolt against the Romans in the years 66-73. Falvius Josephus' testimony describes the legend of Masada, as the besieged Jewish rebels realized that all was lost and their leader, Elazar Ben Yair convinced them to take their own lives just before Masada was conquered to avoid being taken captive by the Roman enemy.
In 2001, Masada was declared a national heritage site and presents rich archeological findings from the period of Herod to the public. The archeological ruins include palaces, a bathhouse, storage rooms, an elaborate water system, as well as the southern blockage which is one of the best preserved and most accurate examples of a defense system of this kind that exists today. In addition, the site offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding desert landscapes. Visitors can reach the site either by cable car or by climbing the snake trail on foot. Masada offers tours of the archeological ruins, videos and a spectacular film about the site and its history, as well as a beautiful desert sunset or romantic, peaceful sunrise.