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Northern Dead Sea Restaurants

A trip to the Dead Sea is always a thrilling experience, with its unique natural phenomena and the incredible ability to float on its water. But the first question on everyone's lips after taking a dip in the sea is – "Where are we going to eat?"
We have compiled a list of the best restaurants in the Dead Sea basin, including details about each restaurant and contact information. Bon Appetite!

  • Café Café, Almog Junction

    Café Café at Almog Junction invites you to enjoy delicious coffee in the desert, as you arrive at the Dead Sea region and before you reach the hotels or beaches.
  • Last Chance Restaurant

    The Last Chance Restaurant is located on the road leading from the Dead Sea towards Jerusalem and serves delicious, unique Israeli-style food. The menu includes homemade hummus and falafel, maqluba rice, outstanding shaksuka, grilled meat, large salad bar, and pita bread baked daily on the premises over scalding hot river rocks.
  • Lido Inn

    The Lido Inn is one of the most popular rest stops in Israel. Almost anyone headed towards the Dead Sea will stop here along the way. An enormous selection of dishes are served 24 hours a day, ranging from light and large breakfasts to midnight meals, for every guest passing through.
  • פלאפל בתחנה

    פלאפל בתחנה הוא המקום בשבילכם אם נתקפתם ברעב כבר בירידות לים המלח. הפלאפל ממוקם בתחנת הדלק של כפר אדומים ותוכלו ליהנות בו ממנה טעימה ומשביעה
  • Biankini Moroccan Restaurant

    Biankini is a Moroccan-style restaurant. The food is served on authentic Moroccan dishes at an idyllic location on the beach.
While you enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Dead Sea, savor delicious meals at the various restaurants and cafés in the region. The Last Chance Restaurants offers unique Israeli cooking, while Biankini is the place for a culinary experience straight from Morocco. If you have stopped at the Lido Inn, you have reached one of the most popular rest stops in Israel for tourists headed towards the Dead Sea, that serves everything from snacks to full meals, around the clock.

Bon Appetite.