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Events at the Dead Sea

Date Festival

Date: September 28-October 2, 2015
Telephone: 08-9975010
Address: Masada, Route 90
The 16th annual Date Festival will take place on Succot, September 28-October 2, 2015.
The Date Festival is a unique Israeli and international music festival that has become one of the most outstanding in Israel. The festival presents spectacular performances by leading Israeli musicians, combining international music with the enchanting desert nights at the Masada production hall, breathtaking sunrises viewed from the mountaintop, the sprawling botanical garden lawns in Ein Gedi, and the towns of Sdom.
Additional information:
  • The performances on the Masada begin at sunrise. Cable car service begins at 2:30 AM and is included in the ticket price. The audience is seated on mats. Warm clothes are recommended.
  • Guests with special needs are requested to contact the festival producers and the box office approximately 10 days before the performance in order to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Driving directions:
    The festival can be reached via route 90 only, from the eastern side of Masada. There is no access route to the performances for those arriving from Arad, via route 3199.
  • Public transportation:
    Check the Egged website, the only bus company with service in the area, for updated bus schedules:
    To search the Egged website, select the "free search" option. The information provided is accurate for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On the holiday eve, public transportation ends earlier. The bus stops at Masada Junction and at the hotel complex in Ein Bokek.
    There is no return public transportation at the time that the performances end.