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בר מצווה במצדה
Bar Mitzvah on Masada

  • Why Masada?
    A bar or bat mitzvah is the first milestone in a child's life that will have a lasting impression on the child, and one of the most defining events in a young man or woman's life. That is why now more than ever, many parents and children want to celebrate this occasion in a unique, meaningful setting; instead of having a party at a glittering hall, they seek a location that is significant to the Jewish people. They want this exciting occasion to be just as memorable for the guests and friends who join them on this wonderful journey as it is to the bar/bat mitzvah and their families. This makes Masada the ideal location to celebrate your event.

    The backdrop is picturesque – at the top of the world, at the lowest place on earth, overlooking the most glorious landscapes. This authentic experience incorporates the magnitude of the historical events that transpired here with unique topographic features. Flawless planning and attention to the finest details will transform your event at Masada into a once in a lifetime experience – for you and for the child celebrating this important occasion.

    What does the event include?
    The event will include a variety of elements: entertainers blowing horns to keep the guests on their feet dancing, a tefillin and torah reading ceremony at the ancient synagogue located on the mountain, a rabbi to officiate the ceremony to your liking, separating challahfrom dough in a traditional ceremony, and even a complete music ensemble that will entertain you throughout the event.
    In addition, you can order a delicious meal, an amusing historical performance, or a band that will play music as you and your guests ride the cable car up the mountain.
    The entire event will be documented by skilled photographers that specialize in events at Masada, for a souvenir from an unforgettable celebration.

    Choosing a date for a bar mitzvah on Masada
    Start by opening a diary. Not just a regular calendar, but one that you can use to calculate the exact day on which this joyous occasion falls. Once you have found the date, choose a day to celebrate. If you are celebrating a winter event, the party can be held at any time of the day or evening, either at the top or bottom of the mountain. Fortunately for you, the weather will be on your side. For a summer event, you'll have to plan your party either very early in the morning or late in the evening. The mountain is very hot throughout the day.

    Let our experience work for you!
    Most bar mitzvah celebrations on Masada involve lots of logistical details, coordination, and arrangements that require experience. That's exactly why we're here for you. We want to help produce the most exciting, memorable event for you and your family.

    What we can do for you:
    1.    We'll book the mountain for you and make arrangements to hold an event there
    2.    We'll schedule cable car rides to the top of the mountain for your friends and relatives
    3.    We'll coordinate transportation to and from the event, including pickup along the way if necessary.
    4.    We'll arrange for a rabbi to officiate the ceremony and help you plan the event – including torah reading, tefillin and anything else you have in mind.
    5.    We'll arrange any entertainment that you like, including a band or drummers for your event
    6.    We'll coordinate the meal that you serve after the ceremony on Masada. There are many culinary options in the region, ranging from picnics or refreshments served at observation points, to gourmet meals at one of the Dead Sea hotels or restaurants. You tell us what you're looking for and we'll make it happen.
    7.    We'll hire professional photographers from the region to document your event from the best angles and capture the most important and meaningful moments for you. The photographers that we work with are familiar with every corner of the Masada and will come equipped with everything that you need.

    If you like, we can help you expand your event to include tours and accommodations, or an all-inclusive weekend. After the ceremony you can take the young guests on a hike to EinBokek – a short, lovely hike only several minutes away from Masada, while the older guests can choose to stay at the nearby Dead Sea hotels, enjoying the spas and pools or lounging at the beach. Later, you can all meet for dinner and spend the night at a hotel in the region. The next morning, a bus will take you home from this exciting, memorable occasion. 

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