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כנען ים המלח

Address: Sonol gas station, Kfar Adumim (15 minutes from Jerusalem)
Telephone: 02-5355351
Suitable for: families, couples, groups
Hours: Sunday-Thursday:  9 AM until 5 PM, Friday 8 AM until 2 PM. Advance booking required
Canaan Tours offers a variety of attractions in the Judean Desert: Jeep rides, ATV rides, rappelling, camel, horseback and donkey rides, navigation activities and more.
Canaan Tours produces perfect fun days for companies and groups on the beach, thrilling outdoor night events, weddings, workshops to soothe the body and soul, tent accommodations, manager workshops, and more.
All attractions and activities are suitable for children as well.
Enjoy guided ATV and jeep rides on either one, two or four hour trails.