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  • Ein Gedi
    Nahal David
    Snack bar and souvenir shop at the entrance to the site. Tel. 08-6594915
    Ein Gedi Beach Inn
    Kiosk and snack bar. Tel. 08-6594761
    Ein Gedi Springs
    Kosher restaurant. Tel. 08-6594726/57
    Dead Sea
    Catering for groups and events – Ein Gedi. Patricia – 052-6787465, Belinda – 052-2567524
    Archimedes convenience store and kosher meat restaurant. Tel: 08-6593600
    Masada. Tel: 052-7701179
    Ein Bokek  
    Petra Shopping Center (in Ein Bokek)
    Eateries, jewelry exhibition and sales, minimarket, travel and tour agency, currency exchange and ATM
    Petra Shopping Center, Ein Bokek. Tel: 054-2399100
    Petra Center, Ein Bokek. Tel: 08-9954021
    Ein Bokek Shopping Center
    Eateries, jewelry exhibition and sales, minimarket, drugstore, clothing store
    Ein Techelet Mini-Mall (in Ein Bokek)
    Eateries, clothing stores, minimarket, Dead Sea cosmetics shop, ATM
    Café Café
    Ein Techelet mini-mall – kosher mehadrin restaurant and café, breakfast, lunch and dinner –fish, pasta, salads and more.
    Tel: 08-6581688
    Tapuach Sdom Restaurant and Café
    Restaurant, cafe and beach facilities. On the Ein Bokek boardwalk. Tel: 08-9956128, 050-6535897
    Pub and restaurant, Ein Bokek. Tel: 050-5205020, 050-8565779
    Neve Zohar
    The International Beach
    Kosher self-service restaurant and café – Zohar Hot Springs. Tel: 08-6584382
    Gas station – Neve Zohar. Tel: 08-6584475
    Fata Morgana Inn
    Desert agriculture tourism center, charming tent for events and parties, accommodations in desert tents, camping, meals, agricultural tours, workshops for groups (prior booking required). Bracha 050-3445747
    Penina Toledano Snack Bar
    Café and restaurant, sandwiches, fresh fish meals (call to order), Neot Hakikar. Tel: 08-6555107
    Home-cooked meals at Neot Hakikar. Call to order. Tel: 052-8991199
    Catering services for groups, gourmet meals. Ein Tamar, 052-8991154
    Catering services for groups, menus to order. Tel: 050-6800544
    Ein Hatzeva Gas Station Snack Bar
    Snack bar and roadside restaurant. Tel: 08-6581548
    Michal – Cooking with Love
    Quality, home-cooked meals. Call to order – 052-4081233
    Gas station at Arava Junction. Tel: 08-6570079
    Ein Hatzeva gas station. Tel: 08-9975151